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Governing Council

Governing Council

The mission of Albuquerque School of Excellence is to provide a safe and collaborative environment which will cultivate the academic and social development for all students regardless of their socio-economic status by emphasizing math, science, and technology for the purpose of students setting and meeting higher education goals. The vision of Albuquerque School of Excellence is to enable students to succeed in school and have options to enter math, science, and technology. Members of ASE believe that excelling in math and science prepares youth to succeed in college, the workplace, and the 21st century.

Governing Council Members

Osman Anderson, PH.D President, Finance Committee Member Serving since June 2010
Kathy Bustos-Garcia Vice President, Audit Committee Member Serving since May 2017
Cemal Cakez Secretary Serving since February 2021
Ayhan Duzgun, PH.D. Member Serving since June 2020
Sean Fry Finance Committee Member, Audit Committee Member Serving since February 2021
Necati Sahin Member Serving since August 2021
Moriah MacCleod Member Serving since November 2021
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