Welcome to ASE College Guidance

The purpose of college guidance at Albuquerque School of Excellence is to provide all necessary information, and guidance to the students, and their parents in order to get them into the best college they can. College counselors at ASE counsel students to develop strong academic and personal skills. Counselors will schedule individual meetings with every student with their parents to make plans for high school graduation, college application process, financial aid, and all other college related issues.

Counseling services at Albuquerque School of Excellence include;

  • Schedule individual counseling with students on personal plans and needs.
  • Organize college awareness events such as college nights, scholarship nights, financial aid nights, etc.
  • Schedule parent conferences on college planning of their students.
  • Host workshops with the representatives from various colleges and other organizations on admissions and financial aid to present information to students and parents.
  • Organize trips to various colleges.
  • Organize trips to local and national college fairs, or host a college fair at the school.
  • Use school database to track each student's college application process.
  • Prepare transcripts, recommendation letters, and school profile to be sent to colleges on behalf of students.
  • Encourage students to take SAT, and ACT tests, and assist them in registration process.
  • Collaborate with school faculty, staff, and administration to emphasize academic rigor at school.